The Green Scene is a comic in the According to Aggie comic series


Aggie decides to start a business in order to make money for her own. So she starts thinking of some ideas, but some of her don't seem to work for her, so she decides to do something that she knows: Beaded Necklaces. She starts creating the necklaces using handmade techniques. Aggie and Nate are then called down to dinner and Aggie asks them if her parents and Nate want to work for them, without pay. Mr. Frye tells her that if she needs help, she has to simplify her project, so she decides to turn her necklaces into two-rowed bracelets. The change worked, as Aggie is selling them to some kids in her neighborhood.



  • Aggie's business is called Custom Creations Bracelets, as seen on a sign in the last panal.
  • Nate likes to earn money as well, but only if its a paying job, as he refused to help Aggie with her business.
  • Rather than using store-bought beads, Aggie seems to design her own beads.
  • If you look at the first panal, at the left of the title, you can see the quote, "Not legal tender, duh". This is referred to coins or banknotes required to be approved, normally offered in payment of a debt.


  • Sam and Cat- One of the ideas that Aggie was thinking of was "Aggie's Super-Safe Pet-Walking Service". This is similar to the business the two protagonists run, "Sam and Cat's Super Rocking Fun Babysitting Service".
  • The Green Scene- The title is a play on "Green Screen", where a green screen presents a vision of something, even though its an illusion.


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