The Dreaded Spelling Test! is a comic in the According to Aggie comic series.


Aggie is seen on stage in her pajamas during a dream she had last night. She is spelling "Cat" during a Spelling Bee, but spells it wrong, with Peking's being embarrassed for her. Aggie then wakes up and glances at the calendar, freaked out that there is a spelling test at school today. So all morning, she spells out everything she hears. At school, Fiona boasts about that she won't fail on this test. So a freaked out Aggie fills in her test and hands it in. The next morning, she got an A- on her test and was proud. Aggie asks Fiona how she did, but ran away. Liv brings up the subject, but Aggie tries to change it. Everyone is proud of Aggie's work.



  • Fiona appears in this comic and we learn that she is good at tests, but didn't do well on hers.
  • The following is what Aggie spells before the test:
    • W-A-F-F-L-E
    • Y-E-S
    • P-E-N-C-I-L-S
  • We learn thoughts from Peking.


  • Spelling- Aggie spells "Cat" wrong, which is a common running gag in cartoons, when a certain character spells a word wrong.


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