Snow Day is a comic in the According to Aggie comic series.


Today's a snow day, and Aggie is thrilled to play hockey, since a lot of hockey players meet at the skating rink to play hockey. Aggie asks Nate if he wants to play hockey, which he says no. Aggie gets dressed into her hockey gear and takes off. Aggie asks everyone if they want to play hockey with her, none of which seem interesting. Aggie seems a lonely, but decides to join in on the fun with other kids activities. Then after she arrives home, her father asks her how was hockey, and Aggie just says yes as an excuse since she was playing something else.



  • It's revealed that Aggie is a fan of hockey, and that's her favorite thing to do on a snow day.
  • Nate likes hockey in According to Aggie: All Wrapped Up, but ironically, he refuses to play hockey in this comic.
  • This comic shows a descriptive guide to the items Aggie uses while playing hockey, with arrows used as a guide.




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