Olivia or better known as "Liv", is a recurring character in the According to Aggie comic series. She is Aggie's best friend.


Liv is shown as an optimistic, caring friend to Aggie, and will give Aggie advice if needed. In "Clothes Call", she reassures Aggie that no one will make fun of her "Charlton Caverns" shirt. She is also shown to give thumbs up to her, as seen in "The Dreaded Spelling Test!". Of course, she is shown to be a bit resistant at times, Like in "Camp Convo", she was wishing Aggie was with her, but Aggie tells her that she needs to have fun and not to get homesick. She is a fan of Grim the Hedgehog, but has outgrown it in "Clothes Call".


Liv alternates clothing in the comic strips. In "Clothes Call", she wore a striped green and white shirt under a purple jacket and with blue jeans and red shoes. In "The Dreaded Spelling Test!", she wore a yellow and white shirt with red pants.


  • Her real name is Olivia, as seen in many comic strips in the series.
  • She is one of Aggie's two friends. The other being Fiona.
  • She gets homesick sometimes, as seen in "Camp Convo".
  • Like Aggie, she alternates outfits in each comic.