According to Aggie: All Wrapped Up or simply "All Wrapped Up", is a comic in the According to Aggie series and the first extended comic of the comic series.


It's Christmastime, and Aggie narrates how fun it is at this time of year. The food, the festivities, and of course, PRESENTS!!! Aggie decides to shop for gifts for her family, but it may not be easy as she thought it might be. When things go downhill, Aggie decides to try a different approach.


For Christmastime, Aggie decides to shop for gifts for her family and decides to surprise them. First, she decides to search for a gift for her grandmother, who adores antiques. Aggie finds some bookends shaped like crystals, until she found out the price. She decides to try again later and continues to shop. She found a jersey from Nate's favorite hockey player, Troy Rager, but it costs $600. Teegan Frailey approaches her and warns Aggie that she better buy some presents fast. Aggie thanks him sarcastically and continued searching. She found a tool box for her father, but then gives up. Her mother askes her what's wrong, but her mother tells her it's the thought that counts. This gives Aggie an idea. The next morning, she gives everyone custom, handmade gifts. Everyone enjoys them and thanks Aggie for them.


  • Aggie Frye
  • Nate Frye
  • Mrs. Frye
  • Mr. Frye
  • Teegan Frailey
  • Gran
  • Background characters


  • This is the first comic in the comic series to have an extended plot, (Not counting the graphic novel), and to have more than two pages, which lasted for 12 pages.
  • Teegan Frailey appears in this comic with a minor speaking roll (In Clothes Call he was briefly mentioned).
  • Some of the Frye family's interests are revealed in this comic:
    • Nate has a strong liking for hockey.
    • Gran likes house decor, more specifically, some that have rhinestones.
    • Mr. Frye likes to work in the garage.
  • The gifts received from Aggie:
    • Nate: A jersey frame to insert his jersey in (after the season is over).
    • Gran: A photo frame embellished with rhinestones.
    • Mr. Frye: A metal tray to prevent any small auto parts from falling.
    • Mrs. Frye: A sweater that Aggie fixed from her college days.
    • Peking: A toy mouse.



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